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Turning Point Communications
(603) 798-5180
120 Hemlock Hill Dr
Loudon, NH

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Millennium Integrated Marketing
(877) 873-7445
150 Dow Street, 3rd Floor
Manchester, NH
eCoast Sales Solutions
(603) 516-7430
36 Industrial Way
Rochester, NH
Pivot Creative Management
(603) 606-2535
197 Elmwood Ave.
Manchester, NH
Turning Point Communications
(603) 798-5180
120 Hemlock Hill Dr
Loudon, NH

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Nassau Broadcasting
(603) 325-5972
11 Kimball Drive, Suite 114
Hooksett, NH
Muldowney Arts, LLC
(603) 897-5013
16 Swift Lane
Merrimack, NH
Red Spot Marketing
(603) 435-3819
20 Sherman Drive
Raymond, NH
Two B. Marketing and Advertising
(603) 433-8803
111 Sparhawk st
Portsmouth, NH
University Of Nh Continuing Ed
(603) 862-3183
24 Rosemary Ln
Durham, NH

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10 Benefits Of Brand Licensing


There are ten key benefits to licensing your brand. Brand Licensing enables:

1.   Brand Managers to extend their brands with minimal investment.  Through the licensing arrangement, third party manufacturers are responsible for everything from product development to inventory management to store replenishment.  

2.  The brand to obtain supplementary marketing support.  For the right to use the brand in their category, the manufacturer must agree to spend a percentage of their net sales on marketing.  This marketing commitment not only supports the category licensed, but can be significant to the overall brand.

3.  Trademark protection in the category.  For a brand to benefit from trademark protection in a particular category, it must be actively sold in that category.  If the category lies vacant, others may claim rights to use the mark.  Extending a brand into a category via licensing helps brand owners meet the commerce standard.

4.  Increased consumer connections and insights in the categories being licensed.  Extending a brand via licensing offers thousands of incremental opportunities to connect with consumers.  By inserting a survey inside the licensed package or a toll free number on the exterior, a brand owner can gain many additional insights about the brand.

5.  A brand to gain incremental shelf space.  If a brand owner chooses to extend a brand via licensing into a new category, the brand gains tremendous additional exposure in those categories in every retail store the product is sold.  When sold into major chain retailers, the brand can gain thousands of additional feet of brand exposure in each category.

6.  Entrée into new distribution channels.  By licensing the brand to a manufacturer which currently sells into a retail channel where the brand currently does not have a presence, the brand can gain access to that channel via the licensing relationship. 

7.  The brand to enter new regions.  Similar to new channel access, a brand can gain entrée into new regions via a manufacturer which has a presence in regions where the brand is currently not sold. 

8.  Access to patented technology.  Many companies which choose to license brands offer proprietary innovation to the brand owner.  When the patented technology reinforces the brand’s position, the new product offere...

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