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Brand strategy experts have expertise in brand development and brand management. They focus on developing brand images and raising brand awareness. They also evaluate the economic impact of brand extension. See below for more information about brand strategy experts in Goffstown, NH.

Specialty Materials Marketing
(603) 472-6915
307 Sylvan Ln
Manchester, NH
Eastlantic Advertising
(603) 669-7377
222 River Road
Manchester, NH
Gigunda Group Inc
(603) 314-5000
540 N Commercial St
Manchester, NH
Brainium Inc
(603) 624-2800
33 S Commercial St Ste 207
Manchester, NH
Tackle Marketing Group Inc
(603) 623-3223
186 Granite St Bsmt 3
Manchester, NH
Garvin Sales Inc
(603) 669-0392
21 W Auburn St Ste 20
Manchester, NH
Carmen Gerald P
(603) 668-1068
735 Chestnut St
Manchester, NH
Marketing Mix
(603) 625-6200
1750 Elm St Ste 102
Manchester, NH
College Kit
(603) 314-5000
540 N Commercial St
Manchester, NH
Comcast Marketing Cdv Market Demo
(603) 628-1975
676 Island Pond Rd
Manchester, NH

Brand Extension at Branding Strategy Insider


Brand licensing is one of the lesser known techniques for extending a brand into new categories.  The benefits of brand licensing are extensive and include:

•    Building brand presence by getting product to market faster with little to no investment or inventory risk. 
•    Accelerating the ability to gain additional shelf space or enter into new channels or regions. 
•    Delivering valuable and steady royalty revenue increasing cash flow and operating income. 

The Blake Project offers The Brand Licensing Workshop, a one-day engagement that is designed to deliver a detailed blueprint on how to launch a brand licensing program, enabling participants to take a significant step towards harnessing the power of brand licensing. In this highly facilitated workshop, you will learn:

•    Why companies license their brands and what the pros and cons are of managing it in-house
•    Who is needed on a brand licensing team and their roles & responsibilities
•    Who the internal and external organizations are that interact with the brand licensing team and what their roles and responsibilities are
•    What the brand licensing process is and how is it optimized within an organization
•    Where the brand licensing should reside within the organization and what resources are needed to build a best-in-cl...

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