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Choice Computer Services
(918) 409-8092
9125 S. Sheridan Ste. 106
Tulsa, OK
Ambitious Web Services
(918) 728-2585
4500 S. Garnett Suite 211
Tulsa, OK
Personal Computer Services
(918) 665-6229
PO Box 470302
Tulsa, OK
3b.IT Technology
(918) 770-8683
4823 S Sheridan Rd Suite 309
Tulsa, OK
Creative Minds Unleashed
(918) 743-1568
4835 S Peoria Ste 6
Tulsa, OK
Purposed Success
(918) 695-5876
2761 E Shelly Drive Suite 700-19
Tulsa, OK
Creative Minds Unleashed
(918) 743-1568
4835 S Peoria Ste 6
Tulsa, OK
RK Computers
(918) 249-0888
5649 S Mingo Rd
Tulsa, OK
ICON Technology Solutions
(816) 560-8686
20446 E 31st PL S
Broken Arrow, OK
Wenzel Technology LLC
(405) 242-2706
2525 NW Expressway Ste #316
Oklahoma City, OK

Brand Exploration: At the Core: Branding Strategy Insider

A Brand is the Personification of a Product, Service or Organization.  It Is Also The Source of a Relationship with Customers. Like a Person, It Must Have Human Qualities and Possess a Soul.

•    Think of a brand as a person – possessing core values and a personality.
•    The brand is the source of the organization’s relationship with people.
•    Strive to create an emotional connection with your consumer.
•    The most successful brands tap into deeply felt human needs.
•    A brand must have a heart and a soul.
•    A brand must be trustworthy. It must earn people’s trust.
•    A brand must be courageous.  It must unwaveringly stand for something.
•    A brand must possess integrity, that is, it must deliver what it promises – always. 
•    A brand must be authentic, not manufactured.
•    A brand must win people’s hearts.  It must endear itself to consumers.
•    A brand is more likeable if it is vulnerable, laughs at itself and admits to its mistakes.
•    A brand gets credit for attempting to do what is right.

Other Important Brand Attributes

•    A brand must deliver a good value.
•    A brand must be accessible and convenient.

You Must Focus the Organization on Delivering the Brand Promise – Brand Management is Much More than Marketing (a.k.a., Making the Brand Promise Real)

•    Branding is not an afterthought; rather it is the core value of the organization.
•    Have a singular focus on delivering the brand promise.

•    The brand’s products and services must deliver upon the brand’s promise.
•    Focus everything your organization does on delivering the brand promise.
•    An organization must manifest its brand’s essence, promise, and personality at each point of contact it makes with people.
•    Carefully manage all the points of contact you make with the consumer.
•    An organization’s culture must reinforce its brand’s essence, promise, and personality.
•   To be truly successful, a brand must be based upon the enlightened vision of a strong leader and a relentless employee passion to better meet the needs of the customer.
•    Don’t forget to hire, train, motivate and compensate front line employees to deliver the brand’s essence, promise and personality.
•    The bra...

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