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Clearly Creative Llc
(603) 625-1950
1181 Elm St Ste 201
Manchester, NH

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Eastlantic Advertising
(603) 669-7377
222 River Road
Manchester, NH
Meighan Marketing & Comm Inc
(603) 622-0736
500 N Commercial St
Manchester, NH

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LTD Company, Inc.
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169 South River Road
Bedford, NH
Storey Manseau Llc
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287 S Main St
Concord, NH
wedu, inc.
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20 Market Street
Manchester, NH
Millennium Integrated Marketing
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150 Dow Street
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Altos Marketing Group
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128 South River Rd
Bedford, NH
Concord Air Conditioning Repair
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Accurate Air, Inc. 140 Bouchard St
Manchester, NH
Act One Creative Llc
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18 Low Ave Ste 7
Concord, NH
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Engaging Influentials: Twitter and Beyond

With the rapid adoption of social media, we have accelerated into a network economy .  In a network economy, connectivity enables value to be created and shared by network members.  The larger the network, the greater the potential benefits.   In the digital world, network activities take place on an open platform that enables participation and cloud computing (think Wikipedia and widgets).

In networks, some members are more connected and active, and therefore have more influence.  These influentials are important members because they add significantly more value to the network.  In the digital world, they blog, twitter, upload videos, experiment with new gadgets, and create widgets.  As early adopters, they tend to be trendsetters that are followed by their friends and sometimes the masses.  The book, the Whuffie Factor , talks about Social Capital, and how our society is increasingly motivated to become more useful and creative.  Today, more people want to be influencers, and they want to be enabled.

In 2009, Twitter has emerged as one of the most talked about platforms in the network economy.  Indeed, there is a simple network exchange on Twitter:  influencer creates bite-size content, and follower discovers new information.  Here are a few examples of the exchange:

•    Gavin Newsom , mayor of San Francisco and California Governor Candidate, has over 500,000 followers.  He keeps his followers informed about upcoming events and fundraising, and enables them to interact with him directly.

•    Mike Massimino , a NASA astronaut, has over 400,000 followers.  He combines his human life story with a behind the scenes look at being an astronaut.

•    And of course there is Oprah , approaching 1.4 million followers.

Twitter makes it easy to share your voice and build your presence in the community. 

RegularGeek’s comment sums up the value:  “Even someone like myself, and I do not have a huge social media presence, can talk to and possibly influence about five thousand people. If I have two thousand subscribers on the blog, Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook, the number of unique people could be around 5,000. That is direct contact, and the network effects could create an audience much larger.”

While we are all familiar with Twitter, there are many more communities that engage and enable an influential audience with network principles.  One of the key elements of a network is the idea of reciprocity.  The idea of “I win, you lose” doesn’t work in a network, or it will fall apart.  Instead, there must be mutual win-win exchanges.  One such example is at Triggerstreet, was founded in 2002 by Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey, which is a community for emerging artists.  The promise of the network is to democratize exposure and offer a career boost through a ne...

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