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Foreseeing Solutions
(603) 818-8255
16 Quaker Dr
Derry, NH
Nnh Distributors Llc
(603) 898-9836
6 Raymond Ave # Sal
Salem, NH
Tosco Marketing Co
(603) 898-0359
11 Red Roof Ln
Salem, NH
Morse Technologies
(603) 685-2100
12 Stiles Rd Ste 203
Salem, NH
Vector Marketing
(603) 893-8388
354 N Broadway
Salem, NH
Bn Media Llc
(603) 432-3500
6 W Broadway
Derry, NH
National Aperture
(603) 893-7393
16 Northwestern Dr
Salem, NH
Celestica New England
(603) 890-8000
9 Northeastern Blvd
Salem, NH
Energy Marketing Services
(603) 890-1224
354 N Broadway Ste 9
Salem, NH
Hadely Media Inc
(603) 893-6475
354 N Broadway
Salem, NH

Exploring Small Business Branding & Marketing: Branding Strategy Insider

Any organization that intends to thrive must begin by gaining a profound understanding of its customers.  Who are they?  What are their hopes, needs, fears, desires, aspirations, values and anxieties?  What need(s) do your products and services fulfill for them?  Why would they choose your organization’s products and services over those of one of its competitors?  That is, what makes your organization different in a customer-relevant and compelling way?  Put another way, what would your customers miss most if your organization ceased to exist?

Next, the organization must identify the primary benefits it delivers to its customers. 

Benefits can be:

•functional (This car was rated the safest in its category by Consumer Reports)

•emotional (Harley Davidson makes me feel like a rebel, a free spirit.)

•experiential (I pamper myself when I take a break at a Starbucks.  It is an inexpensive indulgence.  They make me feel so welcome there.)

•self-expressive (People know I have money and good taste when I carry a Gucci handbag.)

Emotional, experiential and self-expressive benefits are often more compelling and less easy for competitors to copy than functional benefits.

It is very powerful to translate that brand promise into a tag line (The Nature Conservancy: Saving the last great places on earth or Nike: Just do it).  Typically, that tag line would accompany your organization’s logo wherever it appears.

Ideally, your brand’s name, logo, colors, visual style, tone of voice and personality will also reinforce (or at least not clash with) your brand’s promise.  All of these should be carefully crafted and consistently applied to all of your organization’s internal and external communications.  You can achieve this by developing ‘brand identity standards and systems’ and mandating that all of your employees use them.

Next, you can ideate ways to make your brand’s promise real at each point of contact your organization makes with its customers – pre-purchase, at the point of purchase, immediately after the purchase, during product/service usage and ongoing to build loyalty.  The following are possible points of contact: advertising, sales associate contact, product/service usage, newspaper articles, customer support, technical support, special events, membership organizations, web site, promotions, direct mailings, newsletters, etc.

If your organization is relatively young, the most important thing you can do is build brand awareness quickly and aggressively.  If your organization provides the highest quality products available, supported by outstanding service at the best prices, but no one has heard of it, it will not sell anything.  Brand awareness building is the most important aim of advertising and almost any other marketing activity, especially for smaller and younger organizations.  Find and use every way possible to le...

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