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Henderson Business Resource
(702) 922-7200
112 S Water St
Henderson, NV

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Dalrymple & Associates
(702) 813-6312
1805 Country Meadows
Las Vegas, NV
M E Consulting, LLC
(702) 263-5586
1813 Walking Path Ave
Henderson, NV
EZ Legal Forms
(702) 564-7918
2245 N Green Valley Pkwy Ste 562
Henderson, NV
The Wirshing Group, LLC
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24 Pheasant Ridge Pl
Henderson, NV
Versa Cold
(702) 566-5810
830 E Horizon Dr
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 836-9700
301 Lingering
Henderson, NV
Sandler Sales Institute
(702) 400-2705
1450 W Horizon Ridge B304
Henderson, NV
FMI Business & Real Estate Specialists
(702) 731-0030
1489 W Warm Springs Rd # 110
Henderson, NV

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DJS Consulting
(702) 683-9536
2488 Ram Crossing Way
Henderson, NV
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The Crisis Management Plan

While all organizations intend to create the best possible customer experiences, occasionally something real or perceived happens that produces just the opposite effect:  a crisis.  Every brand will experience a crisis at one time or another.  The hallmark of a strong brand is how well it handles those crises. 
The crisis could come as a result of something the company does (such as Exxon Valdez) or something that is foisted upon it (rumors that McDonalds hamburgers are made of worms). But, when a crisis occurs, it is time to enact a well-rehearsed crisis management plan.

So, think about a crisis management now (hopefully, long before any actual crisis), and begin with the following considerations:

•    Steadily and consistently build brand goodwill over time.
•    Identify and address potential problem areas ahead of any actual crises.
•    Have a well-thought-through crisis (or emergency response) plan, including scenarios, step-by-step instructions on how to best address each scenario, approved spokespeople, contact information and key communication documents (fact sheets, backgrounders, press releases, bios, etc.).
•    Work with crisis management experts and your legal staff in developing those plans.
•    Conduct crisis management drills at least once a year if not more often.
•    Conduct a crisis vulnerability audit.
•    During the crisis itself, follow these general rules:

•    Follow your crisis plan.
•    Identify your spokespeople.
•    Respond quickly.
•    Be honest.  Don’t deny or cover things up – ultimately, they will be exposed.
•    Accept responsibility as appropriate.
•    Share as much information as is possible and prudent.
•    Let people know what you are doing to manage the situation.
•    Show concern for those affected.
•    Let people...

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